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INTO THE WOODS -One look at the beautiful but eerie trees with eyes on the book cover tells you that you're in for quite a ride, and the author certainly doesn't disappoint! Callum McClure's mother is in a deep sleep, imprisoned on her bed by vines.  She's dying and he doesn't know what to do to help, but he suspects some magic is in the air.

Ellsbeth McClure only appears to be asleep.  Actually, she's in a nightmare, escaping from trees, sharks, all manner of spooking things that want to eat her.  She's hurt, bleeding, and starving.  If only she can hang on until Callum finds the answer to her plight.

Into the Woods is a fairytale, really, because it has a strong message wrapped in a riveting, wonderful story.  If you like mystery, thrills, adventure, magic, and romance, you'll find it in this wonderful Young Adult novel.  I highly recommend this book to readers of any age.  You won't be sorry you bought it!

DARK WELL OF DECISION - What a great book! Zoe's spiritual adventure is spellbinding & exciting. Well written & imaginative, DARK WELL OF DECISION captures your attention and keeps your interest to the very end. With elements of fantasy books such as Alice in Wonderland, The Borrowers and The Hobbit, it has something for everyone, no matter what their age. An amazing way to help explain the concept of God & Good vs Evil to a child!

CAVE OF TERROR - Cheyenne Wilde can't believe just how bad her sixteenth birthday was.  I mean, who would have ever suspected her parents were actually vampires!  Worse yet, it turns out that Cheyenne is actually a Vanator, a vampire born to hunt evil.  Now she finds herself caught in the whirlwind of adolescence with two clicas of vampires warring for her allegiance.  Meanwhile, a new teenage boy has caught her eye and it's all Cheyenne can do not to stare whenever Ryan is around.  How will Cheyenne handle all the pressure?  Can she defeat the evil stalking her while remaining as normal a teenager as possible?

The world building is spectacular in CAVE OF TERROR.  From the everyday scenes involving gymnastics to the heart stopping moments of fear in the cave and elsewhere, Amber Dawn Bell does a great job at crafting the overall atmosphere of the storyline.  The ambiance is crucial to the tale as the reader buys into the world of the vampires, a world quite unlike the stereotypical vampire.

Amber Dawn Bell has written a tale that is pure fun, both for young adults and adults alike.  Cheyenne is a likable heroine, wanting to do the right thing while trying to enjoy life as a teenager.  Her dedication and loyalty to her friends and family is admirable, especially as circumstances get increasingly out of control.  Parents will appreciate Cheyenne's sense of ethics while young adults will relate to the emotional turmoil Cheyenne experiences. Excellent!

NOSTALGIA ROAD - A beautiful coming of age story. This book - and the sequel, DOWN NOSTALGIA ROAD - will be loved by adults who love to reminisce about their past as well as teens reading about the 60s for the first time. Be watching for the third book in the series!

HYPERION KEATS is the first in a new young adult series that focuses on the Romantic Poets, specifically John Keats. As a reader, i didn't have a lot of background with this era and the poets themselves. However, I enjoyed the story. I think the back half of the story moved along  at a good pace and I think the  diary entries as a storytelling device was a good way to give us an insight into the mystery.

I was not expecting the story to end the way it did and I was pleasantly surprised by the revelations as to who the main characters' enemies really were. I think it sets it up nicely for the sequel.

I would recommend this novel as a quick read. I think it definitely accessible to younger readers as a quick mystery and an introduction to a segment of  literary history that are not often discussed until much further in the American educational system.