Love to read romantic suspense or to try and solve mysteries before reaching the end of the book?

Check out all the books above. They'll keep you guessing about 'who done it.'

In the 'Games People Play' series, Reese Adams will keep you on the edge of your seat hoping she'll catch the criminal. And when she goes home to her significant other, Ethan Chamberlain, you'll wonder why you don't have someone like this classy Brit in your life.

If you like the Eve Dallas  or the Decker/Lazarus series, you'll love the Reese Adams, PI Series - CHARADES, HOPSCOTCH, TWISTER and HANGMAN. Or, get the full compilation in the newly released, GAMES PEOPLE PLAY. You'll be glad you did!


A CRY FROM THE COLD - Page turning excitement. Ann  Merritt has managed to create a beautiful love story that is full of twists and turns that will make it hard for the reader to put it down.  

The unlikely pairing of the wrongly accused Alaskan recluse and the police officer he rescues from a fatal bush pilot's crash in the middle of
the Alaskan winter sets up what  turns out to be one of the most romantic couplings in my memory.  Ann writes with a powerful narrative that will translate beautifully into a deeply human love story.  

THE MOSQUITO TAPES - When Jack Youngblood, San Diego County's chief medical examiner, finds a strange mosquito inside the pocket of a homicide victim, his Quincy-istic curiosity is piqued. In fact, Jack is dealing with two murders, and those in a rural, sleepy area, not well traveled and not far from a laboratory about which little is known. Bored and lonely, with only his dog for company, Jack involves his new lab assistant Jill Hanraty in the mystery, both for the help she provides in researching this remote and clandestine laboratory, and because he's falling in love with her. But once Jill is turned on to the mystery, she begins acting strangely, and Jack wonders just whom he can trust. As he seeks answers to what has happened to Jill and whether there's a link to the laboratory and the two homicides found nearby, Jack exposes both Jill and himself to a terror almost too terrible to imagine.
Nobody tells a bio-terror story better than Chris Holmes. Just nobody. Spray yourself with Deet, have a fly swatter nearby, and prepare yourself for an all-night read.

LUCK OF THE DRAW - Full of twists. With a name so apropos, Amanda Cash sets off to `earn' the money she so desperately needs. Love, greed, and even personal inclination must take a backseat to what she guesses her `benefactor' might prefer.
Her mother is, and has to be, one of her main focuses right now. The leading man's role is not cast right at the start, no matter what you imagine.
Food makes up an important part of the backdrop. From enjoying the whipped potatoes to savoring cheesecake to fragrances like citrus, and unaccountable discussions about food (is it true that Tiramisu is healthier than Bananas Foster?), It's a well-done connecting theme throughout.
This is an enjoyable read. It takes some time and attention because of its array of characters, and the surprising depth even among some secondary characters. Friendship, compassion, grief, all play an honest role here. She's a dedicated daughter. 

This is a well-devised plot, with exceptional characters and some very unpredictable twists. 

MARSH WINDS- Excellent read! As a resident of Savannah and a lover of historical fiction, I was drawn immediately to this book. The strength of Kate, her growing feelings for Rafferty and just enough suspense make this a truly special book.

LADYBUGS AND FIREFLIES - A Southern Gem. Love this book from word one.  It reads like a good old fashioned romance should read - connects you with the characters and doesn't let go.  Love it.

THE GARDEN OF EVIL - This is the second bioterrorism thriller from Chris Holmes.  Like the first, it is fast paced, and you will want to read it without stopping.  It is in some ways more thought provoking than the first, containing a simple but effective metaphor for the development of the sociopathic personality.

STILL KICKIN' - What an absolute delight. Everyone living in a 'senior residence' should own this book! It will keep them laughing from the first word to the last. But don't let that keep you from buying this book. Absolutely everyone will love it. Think of it as a blend of Jessica Fletcher and The Golden Girls!!!

A HEATED ROMANCE - Candace Gold spins an exciting tale of one woman's struggle for equality in what has traditionally been a man's world--firefighting. Fast paced, riveting and exciting are only a few of the words that express this thriller.  Combine a feisty, fearless female with a dozen or more reluctant male co-workers and mix in one co-worker who is reluctant at work but only too happy to be more than friends outside the job.  Stir the ingredients until they come to a boil with a crazed arsonist and a mad stalker [who may or may not be one and the same] then simmer on the back burner with twists and turns galore.
Who can Marcie trust?  Who is trying to kill her?  With her life on the line, she strikes back, determined to find the killer before the killer finds her--unprotected and vulnerable.

DECEPTION - Private investigators must pose as a married couple to solve a crime. Tension of solving the case isn't the only thing building. Will their attraction to each other interfere with their plans to root out a fertility doctor's scam? Harmony Hills Retirement Village - a nice quiet place to spend your days in the sunset of your life. But not if you're friends with Kay Powers, amateur sleuth. Join Kay and her friends in their daily antics-retirement style! A safe home where young women facing childbirth on their own can spend their days. Haven House seemed the perfect place. Until a secret from the owner's past is about to catch up with her and the home suddenly wasn't a haven after all. "Call me when you've got a dead body." Famous words of an over-worked detective trying to get some shut-eye. But when his ex-wife calls and says her friend is missing, all thoughts of sleep evaporate as he rushes to help solve the mysterious disappearance. South Carolina...a state of beauty and tranquility. At least it was for one successful attorney whose life turns upside down when a ghost starts haunting her dreams. When the past and the present collide. A body, a gun, and a little black box... Suicide, homicide or accident? Or had the impossible happened? When life and death were only a heartbeat apart?

SAVING TAMPA - Rachel has always been different and as her mother puts it, she's just a little bit more special than everyone else. Rachel has a gift and not the kind that she is happy with, the only sure thing about her Psychic ability is that she never knows when it will kick in. When she get a feeling by accidentally touching a passerby, she knows she has to do something or tell some one, and she does...with unexpected consequences.

Saving Tampa is absolutely a winner. Jo Webnar has not only written  a story that will grip you from start to finish but something I could identify with, characters who are intelligent, gutsy and who were willing to go the distance in the name of truth and honor.

THE MEDUSA STRAIN - Could the person sitting next to you on a plane have a cold or could it be something more deadly...
Terrorists develop a new airborne strain of anthrax.  Six of the terrorists are unknowingly infected with the anthrax and placed on separate flights to the US.  The symptoms mimic the common cold.  The terrorists' coughs and sneezes spread the virus to those trapped in the plane with him.
Dr. Gil Martin is a down-on-his-luck ER physician.  He's divorced and drowning his problems in a bottle.  His ex-wife, Tara, works with the CDC and still owns his heart.  A patient comes into the ER with what appears to be an URI, but he turns out to be infected with a new strain of anthrax.  Gil sobers up and gets his head on straight.  He turns to Tara for assistance.  The search for the source of the anthrax and the effort to inform the public leads to danger for Gil.  He and Tara begin to work out their differences, but is it too late?
Dr. Chris Holmes brings his expertise to his first novel Mosquito Tapes.  Holmes deftly creates a convincing plot.  His use of medical terminology lends to the believability of this work of art. Holmes' characters are interesting. The combination of mystery and romance are perfect. The romance adds depth to the lead characters, Gil and Tara.  However, Holmes never lets romance over power the mystery.  Holmes is a talented author, and I look forward to reading more of his work.

HIDDEN DEATH - You never know how bad a person can be until you witness it firsthand. 

I love to watch the crime shows on television. There's something exciting about trying to figure out who did it and why. I thought they'd hit the high note for crime stories. I was wrong. Ms. Webnar's book hooked me from page one and didn't let go. The writing flowed well. The more pages I turned, the more I wanted to know what would happen next.

I liked that even though this was a crime book, complete with a nasty villain, the violence wasn't graphic. Readers who want suspense without gore will appreciate this book. I also enjoyed the attention to detail. I felt like I was right there in the Florida Keys while I read the book. Kudos to Ms. Webnar for her research on the area. I do have to mention this point: with some books, it's easy to figure out who did it. Not this book! Ms. Webnar kept me on the edge of my seat, not sure who was the bad guy and needing to find out. Loved it.
I did enjoy the sparing between Chad and Merri. They don't want to be together and yet, I felt their mutual attraction. Ms. Webnar built the tension between them well. Both are great characters and I cheered them on, hoping they'd get their happily ever after. 

If you're looking for a good mystery with a twist of romance, this book just might be what you're wanting.

GAMES PEOPLE PLAY - A compilation of books from the Reese Adams/Ethan Chamberlain series, A top of the line romantic suspense series you won't want to miss! Be sure you don't miss a single moment in these books. If you like the Eve Dallas  or the Decker/Lazarus series, you'll love the Reese Adams, PI Series - CHARADES, HOPSCOTCH, TWISTER and HANGMAN.