Doing Research?

If you're an author that writes in the historical genre, THE HISTORICAL PHRASE BOOKS are perfect to help jumpstart your creativity.

While theme geared to specific historical genres, there are additional phrases in the books can be used by any author writing in any time period.

Boost your creativity to find the perfect word(s) you're looking for.


THE HISTORICAL PHRASE BOOK - MEDIEVAL-REGENCY EDITION - The lexicon of the Regency era can be confusing at times, but as a writer I want to get it as correct as possible to make my books the best they can be.

Having these words/phrases in one place in The Historical Phrase Book - Medieval-Regency edition has made my writing in this genre much easier.

I highly recommend this series of books for any author. You'll want to keep them very close to your writing desk.

THE HISTORICAL PHRASE BOOK - WESTERN-VIKING EDITION - Trying to keep up with the slang phrases used by your handsome cowboy while he's out on the range, in the bunkhouse, or even in town on a Saturday night? The Historical Phrase Book - Western-Viking Edition will help you make your hero sound like he was just transported from the old west itself! Highly recommended for authors in either of these genres.

THE HISTORICAL PRHASE BOOK - SCOTTISH-HERBAL EDITION - The newest book in the Historical Phrase Book series is wonderful. Not only does it have a wonderful section on Scottish phrases - a location near and dear to my heart - it has given me a wonderful section on ancient herbs that I can use in my stories! Thank you very much!

SPORES, PLAGUES AND HISTORY: THE STORY OF ANTHRAX - ANTHRAX! SMALLPOX! PLAGUE!  Until recently, most Americans were unfamiliar with these terms or assumed they were a part of history.  The October, 2001 anthrax cases catapulted this condition into the headlines and the minds of many.  What are the agents and the illnesses they cause?  How worried should we be and what can we do to protect ourselves?  With new infectious diseases emerging and old ones resurfacing, the challenge of early detection, containment and prevention is urgent.

Dr. Chris Holmes has written a provocative, engrossing book that offers the general reader the answers to these questions.  'Spores, Plagues and History' follows the trail of anthrax from prebiblical times to the present.  The reader gains an appreciation for the challenge early investigators faced in responding to clusters of illness when the cause was not known.  'Spores, Plagues and History' also provides a highly readable, authoritative perspective of the role other infectious agents have played in world history.