HIGHLAND MIRACLE - I was thrilled when I heard Ms. Burroughs had written a Christian version of her popular novel, HIGHLAND WISHES.  I absolutely loved this book. Once I started reading it I was unable to put it down.  She brought to life the characters and the setting, I felt as if I was there. I would highly recommend this book!

HER HIGHLAND DESTINY (A re-write of the award winning HER HIGHLAND ROGUE) - A must read! Another great book by Leanne Burroughs. I loved that even though the novel was based on different main characters she still included the main characters from HIGHLAND MIRACLE. Once again the characters and setting are brought to life!! Leanne is a truly gifted author.

THE MAN OF HER DREAMS - I read to forget the present for awhile and experience a new adventure. Mrs. Burroughs' new time travel "MAN OF HER DREAMS" not only fulfilled my need to escape but took me to an Era and Country I'd never imagined. Through her extensive research and excellent storytelling ability, I lived the entire story as if I actually was a part of that long ago time. "MAN OF HER DREAMS" has it all, adventure, a little mystery and a lot of real life drama and romance set in the time when Vikings roamed the earth. Sit back, relax and expect to be taken on an adventure that will leave you wishing time travel was a reality. Loved this story from the  first page to the last. "MAN OF HER DREAMS" is a five star read for any fiction lover.

SAUCY GIRL - A beach day, a rainy day, a weekend with some free time? This is the book for you! Saucy Girl is fast, fun and so chock full of twists and turns you will get dizzy. The trio of characters are, well, characters. Laura, the heroine, is sooo nice that she really deserves the new guy next door. Her sister, Deedee, deserves a swift kick in the rear, but, wait, maybe not. Maybe this guy is a sinister dude with devious designs on our lovely, naive Laura, and Deedee is all that stands between her sis and the murderous motives of this dastardly rake! While Laura busies herself with growing prize tomatoes (the book is full of lots of great hints for canning summer's bounty), the new neighbor is busy spying on Laura…no, wait, it's the other way around. Oh, everybody is spying on everybody, and you'll love unraveling this delightful tale of Did He, Should She. Could You? Of course you Can, CanCan!

A CRY FROM THE COLD - Page turning excitement. Ann  Merritt has managed to create a beautiful love story that is full of twists and turns that will make it hard for the reader to put it down. The unlikely pairing of the wrongly accused Alaskan recluse and the police officer he rescues from a fatal bush pilot's crash in the middle of the Alaskan winter, sets up what  turns out to be one of the most romantic couplings in my memory.  Ann writes with a powerful narrative that will translate beautifully into a deeply human love story.  I liked it so much I read it twice!  I am sure it will one day be made into a gripping motion picture.

PEACH BLOSSOM BRIDES - Great Christian love stories. I loved this trilogy!  Was so excited when this came out as I had read the first story, A DOCTOR'S CHRISTMAS ROSE last year!  I loved the characters in all three stories and how they came together. I would highly recommend this book!

TO WOO A LADY - Even though you know how the class system works and what is allowed and what is not, how do you tell your heart not to fall in love?

Ms. Hatton has written a series of short stories covering Regency England and the historical standards and expectations that existed then. Each story is different, offering different circumstances and different challenges. Each solution is unique and interesting. I especially liked how she made her characters vulnerable, yet strong. There are no wilting wallflowers here. The women know what they want (or think they do) and they are willing to work to get it. The men are strong, stubborn and even a bit understanding about the women's expectations and the realities of the times and world they live in.

The author's storylines are believable, enjoyable to read, and take you to a world of time past, with all its warts and pimples as well as beautiful homes and good times at public functions. It's not all peaches and cream, but it's real.

All of Ms. Hatton's stories are well paced and fun to read. She does an excellent job of depicting the arrogance and ego of the day as well as how little choice or chance young women had for a love match marriage. Her stories will make you smile.

ROMANCE ON ROUTE 66 - The four short stories taking place along Route 66 are fun reading and good stories.  The stories are time travel romances and you'll find yourself believing they could actually happen!  Don't miss it!

THE NECKLACE - Thoroughly delightful read.  All the intrigue, deception and finally romance you could want.