Love reading books with Christian or Inspirational themes?

Highland Press Publishing is actively seeking books in these genres and proudly presents books that currently fall with these ranges.


THE RANCHER'S SOUTHERN BELLE - Set right after the Civil War, this book deals with poignant situations and feelings brought about by the war - people trying to put their lives back together by letting go of their feeling of hatred for others caused by the war, and most of all, finding God again when so many felt He'd forgotten them during the war. A beautiful love story and a definite "keeper."

THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS is an anthology of four stories beautifully built upon foundations of hope, prayer and faith. In Cheryl Norman's, "The Christmas Prayer", a widower and his daughter are given the unexpected gift of Noelle Barker. If only she believed in herself enough to think she would make a fine mother. "Away In the Manger' by Susan Sweet,  is a heart wrenching and heartwarming tale of two families, one with an ill child and a father who struggles with his faith. In Judith Leigh’s, “Yuletide Miracle,” a grandfather's search for the granddaughter he's never known leads him to discovering love, faith and unending kindness in the small town of Mistletoe, Tennessee. “The Christmas Conflict” by Patty Howell, unveils a woman whose trust in God is tenuous and a man whose hardships and losses have only served to strengthen his faith in his creator. “The Heart of Christmas” offers stories that emphasize the core significance of the Christmas season.

CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS - I had the privilege of meeting many of these wonderful characters in last year's anthology which made reading CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS all the more poignant. Knowing that Christmas is about love, forgiveness and new beginnings, these stories are right on the money with modern day vignettes of characters we can all relate to, even if you may not be a traditional romance reader! This book is a fun, fast read and a marvelous gift for those readers on your list! Bravo to Highland Press for putting together another awesome collection.

THE MAN OF HER DREAMS is a delightful dip in the waters that bear ancient Viking ships from blood-soaked beaches to life-changing love. From modern day Florida to the days of the formidable Norse conquerors, Burroughs introduces us to Agnar and Miranda—two of the most unlikeliest lovers in any century. From slave to sweetheart, Miranda is tossed into a time and world far from her own, tethered to reality by a handsome Viking that floods her nighttime dreams. Agnar catches a beautiful woman in the act of harming his ship—would she do any less to his life or his heart? Their love might have been kindled by the prayers of many, but it ignites through to-the-death battles, a desperate search for lost little ones, and the binding together of two broken people God chooses to bless despite their pasts. The Man of Her Dreams will have you looking for an ‘unnasta’ of your own.

HE PLANTED A GARDEN - Having a young 'single" granddaughter, I could not wait to share this book with her. Every young girl needs to have this book before beginning to date or be serious about dating.  The book is beautifully written with scripture to back up the thoughts of a determined young lady to get it right for the "right" reasons.  I love the love story and will recommend this to my friends who realize maybe they didn't get it right the "first time" . This book will be a "keeper".

LOVE, LIES & LAUGHTER by Patty Howell is a beautiful collection of Christian short stories that will tug at your heartstrings. You won't want to miss a single one of these heartwarming tales.

PEACH BLOSSOM BRIDES - Great Christian love stories. I loved this trilogy!  Was so excited when this came out as I had read the first story, A DOCTOR'S CHRISTMAS ROSE last year!  I loved the characters in all three stories and how the stories came together.  I would highly recommend this book!

WHEN THE VOW BREAKS is an excellent read. The touching and emotional story of Jillian and Morgan is set in 1948. She is a young woman trying to get pregnant and finds out she has breast cancer. Morgan loves her, but he can't stand to watch her die. Jillian has to fight the disease and save her marriage.
In 1948 there weren't any options for women with breast cancer. The standard treatment was a surgical mastectomy and disfigurement. As a survivor, I could relate to Jillian and even shed a few tears. I felt fortunate to have been offered options.

This is a sweet romance with a message for every woman. I highly recommend it for a cancer survivor and anyone who knows someone who has suffered through the disease. But you don't need to know about cancer to enjoy this story. Judith Leigh spins a romance that takes you to a different time and doesn't let you go until the last page. This story will touch your heart. I'll be looking for more from this author.

A FATHER'S HOPE - A nice little tale with surprises. I really enjoyed the setting and the interaction. And of course I'm a sucker for wounded hero romances...